In the ports of the ship, multi-arm orange peel grabs or two-arm clamshell grabs are used for dry cargo loading and unloading. Hydraulic grabs of different power and size are available according to the loading volumes and signaling infrastructures of the ports. It is crucial to use the fastest and most effective loading and unloading grab systems in the ports where timing is very important.

Uzun Hidrolik is designing all hydraulic control units of hydraulic grab and for opening and closing grab and produce hydraulic cylinders specially for the system to carry loads from 6 m3 to 30 m3. Hydraulic circuit diagram, hydraulic block, pump and motor are coupled and directly connected to the hydraulic grab motor set unit, which is developed and produced by Uzun Hidrolik. The most effective, fastest  the motor set units and cylinders are being developed for the first time in the world within the framework of R & D projects to serve hydraulic grab with minimum maintanance cost and efficiency.