Uzun Hidrolik is the Turkey's biggest company for hydraulic manifolds production with its broad infrastructure of machinery and tooling.


Uzun Hidrolik can design and produce custom hydraulic manifolds from any kind of circuit diagram. Thanks to its 30 years of technical knowledge infrastructure, the most optimum design is realized according to the working conditions and requirements.

Design parameters can vary according to application areas and working conditions. Quotations are processed within 48 hours for most projects

80% of our capacity is devoted to custom manifolds.

Production can be realized for the manifolds designed in-house as well as thanks to the technical drawing coming directly from the customer.

Uzun Hidrolik has hundreds of special tools in its toolpool and all kinds of cartridge valve cavities can be manufactured with these tools. Cartridge valve cavities are processed according to special machining methods with specially developed pretools and reamers and quality is assured according to Quality Control Processes.


The specifications for the manifolds are given in the table below, and sample products are shown in the photographs.



Manifold Spesifications

Weight/ Lenght

1-3000 kg / 2 m

Batch size

Single up to middle-size of serial production 

Standard Material

Continuous Casting : EN-GJS-400-15U (GGG40) with 3.1 ve 2.2 Material Certification

Steel: S355J2G3, CK 45 , 42CrMo4+QT, HYT60

Aluminum: AlZnMgcu1,5 AA7075 / EN AW AlMg1SiCu 6061 T6 / T651



Manganese-Phosphating  /  Zinc: blue or yellow - Thickfilmpassivation (Cr3)   / Anodizing: Natur, Black, Blue